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Apply Voter ID Card Gujarat:

voter id gujarat

Voting is important criteria in India as the government in India is chosen by people; India is built on the roots of election. Being in a democratic country, people have rights to choose who should rule the country. Even a single vote can play crucial role in elections, people can vote for the other if the government that they had chosen earlier is not working upto its mark. To participate in elections for choosing a right leader or government, Indian citizens need to have voter card. Gujarat elections are about to be conducted in coming months , hurry up and apply for voter card online if you have completed 18 years of age voter id gujarat .

Voter EPIC card given by Gujarat CEO is very important document as it is considered as one of the authorized government identity proofs. It is accepted all over the country , voter ID card contains  your name ,gender ,date of birth , permanent  address ,  locality and other details along with your photograph. Only this document does not make an Individual to cast his vote, the most important point is your name should be present in the list of registered voters. It also plays a crucial role in preventing frauds, especially helps in identifying fake profiles. After the introduction of CEO Gujarat website, the whole process of applying voter ID card has become less time consuming voter id gujarat .

Steps to apply Election ID card through Gujarat CEO:

You will get voter card with in 1 month if our instructions are followed without making errors, you should have Smartphone, laptop or a computer with internet connectivity for applying election ID card through Gujarat CEO portal. Efforts have been made by election commission of India to educate people especially the youth about importance of voting. Remember that your registration is not complete until you receive acknowledgement receipt.

  • Individuals need to fill form 6 completely; it is available in National voter’s portal and can be easily accessed with just one click. URL for visiting the required  form is
  • You can see form 6 on the screen; Instructions can be seen in English and Hindi. Carefully go through them.
  • First select state as Gujarat and then on the right side you should select your assembly or parliamentary constituency.
  • Choose whether you want to register as a first time voter or want to include your name in electoral list due to place change.
  • Later go to mandatory particulars section, There the applicant has to fill all the marked columns without fail. Choose any one option, either your regional language or English to fill the form completely.
  • Enter the below mentioned details one after the other.
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Any Relative name of the applicant.
  • Surname of the applicant’s relative.
  • Select type of relatives’ relation with applicant.
  • Age as on applying date or DOB.
  • Gender of applicant.
  • Current address, Permanent address. Don’t type your location details two times if permanent contact address and present one is same. Check put a tick on same as above option.
  • Furnish your Email ID and Mobile number, these details are optional.
  • Section 4 in form six is very crucial step, your photograph, age proof and address proof should be uploaded into the server.
  • The last thing to do is declare your details; you have to submit your place of birth, date since when you are residing there.
  • Confirm that your name has been not listed in electoral roll in any previous elections. Enter your place, date on the day when form is filled and finally submit your profile voter id gujarat .
  • Reset options helps to make changed before final submission. Download PDF file and keep one copy of it for future uses.
  • election card apply official web site:

Cross check your name in other constituencies before applying for fresh Gujarat voter ID election card, as no citizen is allowed in have more than one EPIC card in the same constituency or same name in other constituency. After verification of your profile and uploaded proofs, Gujarat CEC will post        voter identity card to your address. You can also send fully filled application form to the nearest chief election commission office by post.

Importance of Election Identity card issued by Gujarat Chief election Commission:

  • Primary purpose is to cast vote in Elections to choose a stable leader.
  • Voter ID card can be submitted as proof for opening bank account, for passport and many other services.
Duplicate voter ID in Gujarat:-

voter id gujarat

Data of voters across the country are stored in respective state CEO websites, candidates can get their details using EPIC card search feature. You can track your details using door number, name, ID number. No need to worry if your voter ID card is lost, apply for a new one and get a duplicate copy of it. But certain things are to be done immediately id it is missed somewhere.

  • Immediately lodge a complaint at nearest police station if you have lost your election Identity card, you won’t get into problems if someone misuses it.
  • Citizens those who wish to file a complaint need to write a letter on a plane white paper regarding how it is lost and mention details like name, date of birth, EPIC card number, communication address etc.
  • After filing FIR, duplicate card aspirants has to fill form 002 which will help you to obtain duplicate photo identity card. The concerned form can be obtained from election commission of India.
  • Duplicate card will be issued if your application is found correct.

Applicant should give correct details at the time of filling Gujarat election Identity card using check election commission website, or else again a lot of hassles should be faced for getting the details corrected. One applicant can register for only one voter ID , now as every card is being linked with Aadhar card there is no chance of fake getting two or more EPIC on one name voter id gujarat .

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