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voter id helpline number uttarakhand

Voting, or exercising your franchise, is one of the most important rights provided to every Indian citizen. Casting one’s vote gives every citizen a say in choosing their representative, who would go on to legislate on behalf of his/her representatives.  A free and fair electoral process is the backbone of a democracy, and voting is the means towards that end. With India being the largest democracy in the world, conducting elections for various forms of government is under the purview of the Election Commission of India.

To ensure that every Indian citizen who is eligible to vote is granted the right to do so, the Election Commission of India has made provision for the issuing of voter identity cards to individuals. Each State Election Commission is tasked with issuing voter ID cards to eligible individuals who apply for the same, and ensuring that the process is a smooth and hassle-free one.

The Election Commission has introduced color voter ID cards to eligible individuals as an upgrade on the previous voter ID cards, which were black and white. These voter ID cards, also known as EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card), serve as identification during elections and permit the holder to exercise his franchise under the system of ‘one person, one vote’. The new voter ID cards are also printed on plastic and resemble PAN cards in their stylization. voter id helpline number uttarakhand

The color voter ID card, like its monochrome predecessor, contains the holder’s name, address, date of birth, constituency as well as the signature of the issuing authority. Given below are the ways to apply for a voter ID card in the state of Uttarakhand. voter id helpline number uttarakhand

A voter ID card is a government issued photo identity card that is accepted as proof of address and identity universally and thus should be kept safely. However there are situations when your voter ID card may have been misplaced or lost. It could also have been stolen from you. The Electoral Officer in Assam makes provision for issuing a fresh voter ID card in such cases.

Alternatively, it may be mutilated or torn, making it unusable. In such situations, you can apply for a duplicate voter ID card, the process for which is mentioned below:

  • Go to the Election Commission of India website and download the Form EPIC-002, which is the application form for issuance of duplicate voter ID card.
  • In the case of individuals whose voter ID cards have been lost or stolen, an FIR is to be filed at the local police station and a copy of the FIR along with the application form is to be submitted to the Electoral Office.
  • In the case of individuals with torn or unusable voter ID cards, submit the card along with the form to the local Electoral Office.
  • After verification of the application has been conducted, you will receive your duplicate voter’s ID card through the post or you can collect it in person

Voting is an important responsibility of each and every citizen. Though many pay no heed to this right, many have realized the difference one vote can make. Every vote counts and contributes towards shaping the destiny of this country. In order to vote, citizens must be above the age of 18 years and need a Voter ID card. Learn more on how to get a Voter ID card, track its status and make corrections if needed.

Election Card Helpline Number:

Voter Id Helpline Contact Number In Uttarakhand:  0135-2713-551, 0135-2713-552.

Voter Id Complaint Mobile Number : 9412-055-880.

Voter Id Card Helpline Web Page Link:

Voter Id Card Customer Care Helpdesk Number: 1950.

Voter Id Card Customer Care Number- 1800-111-400. ( Toll Free )

Voter Id Card Helpline Link: ( State Wise )

Voter Id Card Complaint Email id:

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