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Voter ID Name Changes Online Andhra Pradesh:

voter id change details andhra pradesh

Right to choose our body of governance by voting – this ground-breaking piece of legislation was a milestone in the long struggle for civil rights and a momentous step forward in the progression of our democracy.

We call ourselves the citizens of India. But can we really, considering our flippant attitude towards voting and rejoicing on Election Day because it is another holiday? Casting your vote is a right as well as responsibility. Then why do we hold ourselves back? And what is the reason for this apathy? It could be lack of awareness, ‘having no time’ or simply a sense of detachment. Calling it selfishness would be harsh though.

The right to vote was one of the greatest triumphs of the centuries long freedom fight. Now, as then the amendments happen when masses demand it; in the poll booth, out on the streets in nonviolent protests etc. Citizens should remind themselves of what is been accomplished in the bygone times, and resolve to do equally if not more for the country in future.

Nevertheless, as a free and democratic nation, it is quite imperative that you exercise this right and the first step to that is applying to get a Voter ID Card, if you have not already. Though the procedure to get one is not drastically different from state to state, there are slight variations here and there. Let us check out how you can go about acquiring a voter ID card in Andhra Pradesh.

Voter Id Change Details Andhra Pradesh:

Verification is the most serious aspect of the entire procedure. Tedious as it is for the Election Commission to verify every voter’s details by sending officials to their houses, this shows the enormity of it all and how there is no room for error left. Even though the verification process of voter ID cards in Andhra Pradesh is mostly handled by the Election Commission of India, it needs staunch backing from the state election commissioners to accelerate the procedure. In case you have gone for online voter ID card registration, you shall anticipate an ECI officer’s visit. They usually come within 30 days from the day you submitted the application. Please note that the verification process is much quicker for those who have given hard copies of all their documents

Due to the sheer number of voter ID card applications hitting their server on a daily basis, it is quite possible to make mistakes while entering the info on the cards. Also, it is not at all unheard of for people to get completely wrong ID cards by mistake. The Form 8 is principally useful for those people who find that there is an error or more on their newly availed voter ID card. And yes, the process of voter ID card correction online in Andhra Pradesh is quite simple.

To make these alterations online without the added stress of umpteen visits to the regional electoral office, you can simply download Form 8 from Meesava. Upon submission, the same verification process that followed your documentation for verification will ensue. An official will visit your house to confirm submitted details. The corrected ID will be soon delivered to you by post.

As said before online correction may not bode well with many people for various reasons such as lack of awareness, access or knowledge. It could also be that the first time resulted in an erroneous voter ID card and they do not want to risk the same again. But the process of Voter ID correction offline in Andhra Pradesh is not as time consuming or frazzling too.

You can simply visit your regional electoral office and collect the Form 8 directly from the counter. Fill it as directed and submit it. They are sure to ask you for supporting documents for proof that warrants the change. For instance, if you are newly married and wishes to change your surname, they might ask to see your marriage certificate. After submission, the same verification process will ensue. An official will visit your place of residence to validate given information and then you can collect your new voters ID card.

Many reasons can warrant an application to change one’s address in voter ID. They might have printed the address wrong or you might be moving to a different city (that is, different assembly constituency) in AP. Whatever the reason is, you have to make sure that the address is updated accordingly at the earliest in your Voter ID card too. This is not as cumbersome a process as it once was, thanks to instant online services offered by the government.

If you have newly got wedded and wish to change residence address, you will have to deliver the copy of your marriage certificate. Students are requested to submit declaration application given by their school or university principal if they are prepared to change the voter id’s address to their present address (of hostel or rental house). If you are relocated by the enterprise or government office to a new place and you want to bring up-to-date the new address on your voter ID card, you have to give a declaration application signed by your boss. The substantiation for these kinds of applications doesn’t take long if the documents are up to mark. voter id change details andhra pradesh

Voter Id Card Customer Care Helpdesk Number: 1950.

Voter Id Card Customer Care Number- 1800-111-400. ( Toll Free )

Voter Id card Helpline Link: ( State Wise )

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