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Apply Voter Id Card Bihar:

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Assembly is at the center of government, passing new regulations on issues and making decisions that affect people’s everyday life. Voting to elect a government is how you can have your views heard and it is one of the opportunities to choose who represents you in the assembly. In Bihar today, people over 18 years can vote. Over the years, Bihar election commission is organizing campaigns to ensure that this right is exercised by all adults. Immediately apply for voter card online in Bihar to have your say in who runs your country paying the ultimate respect to democracy. voter id card bihar.

People around the state have gone to great length to make their votes count in previous elections. In some parts of Bihar, people will wait in queue for hours to take their part in state elections. A variety of services are provided by the state CEC to making voting easy and convenient for those who cannot vote at polling place on election day. E-ballots and postal ballots are designed for the citizens who won’t be at their native village by the polling date. Whether you are in Bihar or some other state, you can apply Bihar election identity card online with just few clicks.

When you forward an application to vote, your name and address is added to updated electoral roll. It is the list of electors who are allowed to participate in polling, applicants with 17 years age are also allowed to enroll but the condition is they should turn 18 by the day when voters list is updated annually i.e. Jan 1ST. The list calls off as soon as election has been called, Make sure that your name is on the list and don’t miss out if it is not there.

Steps To Apply For Bihar Voter Identification Card Online:

Get yourself registered for Bihar voter identification card online, everyone who is native of the state and having permanent address is eligible to apply for this important document. In a bid to make process easy for citizens, a website has been created and designed with user friendly interface for easy and hassle free online services. Now a day’s almost everyone is aware about computer and nearly everyone knows how to use internet .If you are able to operate computer and type details using key board, they you can easily complete form 6.

  • Open CEO Bihar website : www.ceobihar.nic.in
  • On the welcome page, you will get all latest news regarding elections, rules and special options to access online services.
  • Click on online registration option, you will be redirected to list of forms after selecting that option.
  • Each form is meant for different purpose , please select form 6 as your aim is to apply EPIC card online
  • Before accessing the form, the applicant has to create an account by registering.
  • A PDF will appear on the screen when you login successfully, go through guidelines that help you to fill form correctly without errors.
  • Send the application for to Bihar CEC by hitting on submit option, BLO officers will visit your home for verification.
  • Your voter card will get ready with two or three weeks after verification.
  • apply for form 6 page link: http://ceobihar.nic.in/forms.html

voter id card bihar

Applying For Election Identity Card Through Offline Medium:

The online process is in no way similar to offline election identity card application process, it is same for all states.

  • Go to chief electoral officer website of Bihar state and access citizen services that helps to find out form 6, you can obtain the same from electoral registration office in your locality.
  • The efforts of Bihar election commissioner in coordination with CEC India made enrollment process very simple.
  • First of all you have to register your profile by giving name, mobile number and other personal details. Validate your mobile through SMS code.
  • Sing in, Fill the form completely. Take one print out when you make sure that all particulars are correctly given. Attach address proof, identity proof and your recent passport photograph to the form and sent it to ERO.
  • It will be verified by booth level officer.
  • You will receive election card through post.

Candidates applying for Bihar election identity card online don’t need to worry about error free hard copy forms, wasting time and spending money for posting. You also be confident that application is safely submitted to the commission, it also provides applicants with a facility to save their time as they go. The online portal is completely computerized and it is designed by National informatics center, Bihar chief election officer website can be accessed from any location in the country. Reduced costs are enjoyed when the expenses of printing form 6 and sending it to the concerned office via post. Online voter ID registration is logical step in making every one to register their details and participate actively in polls.voter id card bihar.

 For eligible Indians, living abroad for working, holidays is also given an opportunity to vote in their native constituency. EPIC card id a good identity card for all Indians, getting a new gas connection is very easy if this card is submitted as address proof. Now a day’s almost all government agencies like banks, insurance companies are accepting election photo identity card asks for voter ID number if you have not other proofs. It is also very essential for registration in other regions if the person moves to other state from the place of his domicile.

Online EPIC card registration process in Bihar helps to reduce duplicate profile; more number of cards can be issued within least period of time. India is the place where each and every citizen has rights and freedom; it is also the place where government is elected by the people. Hence, a lot of importance is given to voting. People will elect representatives who can work according to their interests, prepare schemes for their welfare. To get election identity document in Bihar , the applicant should not have vote in any other state.

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