How To Apply Voter Card Online In West Bengal

Voter Card Apply Online In West Bengal:

apply voter id west bengal

The ability to vote allows electors allows citizens to say their views about the government which is in power and their opinion on varieties of problems. In American political system, polls let the registered voters cast their choice for the political leader that they can believe can make the decisions that will be better for the country, especially for the growth of people. Every one wish the government in power should be stable and rule without any faults, so everyone should exercise their vote. Didn’t get your name in voter list? Don’t be late, apply for voter card online in West Bengal before the due date ends.

In some states a voter can poll a vote by showing valid ID proofs that are mentioned by government if the concerned person doesn’t have election Identity card, this rule was also implemented in recently held West Bengal general elections. The alternate identity proof should have your photograph, It can be your driving license, Aadhar, bank passbook, passport etc. along with identity proof the elector need to carry voter slip issued by the election commission. This new rule is to relieve people who have not yet received their photo identity card.

In order to exercise option for favorite party in Rajasthan assembly o0r parliament elections, the individual has to possess a voter identification card. It is an important piece of document for both elector and the commission; EPIC card helps to make voting transparent and avoids scams or illegal voting. Due to certain errors in old laminated cards , Government  has implemented some extra security features in new one by eliminating all the odds .Intensive revision of voter rolls generally takes place once in five year ,   multiple voter ID’s will be reduced to a single one during this process.

West Bengal election Identity cards apply online:

If you need to apply online, just visit west Bengal chief election commission website. People don’t like wait for long period or waste time, hence they prefer to apply for west Bengal election identity cars in online mode only.

  • Open the chief electoral officer’s website of west Bengal state, click on “online registration” option which will take you to a new site. There you need to fill form 6 which is for new voter identity applicants.
  • Fill all the boxes either in English or in local language, you are also required to upload proofs and give your mobile number and email id to apply for card.
  • After stuffing all asked details, check it completely so that you can spot out any errors and rectify them.
  • You will be provided with reference number to track your application status, it will be also very useful to file any complaints.
  • Your work is done, rest of the things are in the hands of EC.
  • You can expect a visit with in 1-2 weeks from booth level officer whose task is to verify your details and identity.
  • On successful meeting of all the conditions, Voter ID will be sent to your address.
  • In is in the interest of applicants to choose the method that they opt to get election Identity cards , one can also choose offline method if the source to open website is not available.

  • If incorrect details are entered in application form, you will definitely receive voter card with wrong details. Errors generally error due to manual mistakes, but online form 6 has almost reduced them to some extent.
  • Voter identity card is very important, so each and every particular on it should be correct. Corrections can be made only if your name exists in voter list or else you won’t be able to do.

The election process for vidhana sabha or any other post in Rajasthan begins with announcement of notification and announcement of date by election commission. Then onwards, the state election commission in co ordination with CEC will make arrangements for conducting polls, voting is crucial thing in electoral process. Any person who is citizen of India and Nonresident Indian without nationality of any other country is eligible to participate in election, like other state Chief election commission West Bengal is also enabling people to apply for voter card online via its web page

Earlier the age of registration for applying West Bengal election identity card was 21 years but later was it was brought down to 18 years , hence the voting percentage has been gradually increasing since past few years. Voter slip has the name, date of birth, age, gender, photograph of the elector along with part number and serial number. Hologram sticker and stamp proves that it is issued by election commission of India; it is not a duplicate one. Both serial number and part name belong to the constituency from which the person has been issued with West Bengal vote identification card.

Recently the government has made some changes to Rule 23 of conduction of election rule; 1961.The bold step taken by government allows armed forces and election staff to cast their vote through e-ballot. The long pending demand from many voters those who are away from their native constituencies has become true with this change, it also saves valuable time. The existing system of two way transmission of ballot papers is not able to meet the expectations of service personnel; hence the armed forces serving in border areas would be greatly benefited with e-ballot system.

The government also proposed that more categories of people will be added to this service, it was introduced on the pilot basis at the beginning of 2016. Excited about west Bengal elections? Don’t you like any of the candidates? Well, now you have one option i.e. NOTA. It is a ballot option, can be abbreviated as none of the above. The voter can use this button instead of not giving vote to anyone the candidates given in EVM machines. Every voter has right to use this option, it increases the chances of more people participating in polls.

Electronic assistance system tapping technology is implemented by election commission in some states to make changes through mobile or telephone on the spot. The applicant need to tell his EPIC card number and should tell what details are to be changed, through this method it is possible to remove mistakes in voter data and also remove duplicate profiles. Creating copies of voter cards can be eliminated and the updated card will be issued within 2-3 weeks, E Correction system was first introduced in Tamil Nadu.

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