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Voter card apply online in Uttarakhand:

apply voter id uttarakhand

Elections are very important in any democratic country, normally every country issues some form of identity for citizens that allow them to cast their vote. As India is the largest country, governments at both center and state are elected by people. It lies in the hands of people to select a government that works based on the wills of people and not the one that forces people to follow its own rules. Each constituency has a comprehensive list of voters. It is known as the Electoral Roll, or the Voters’ List.  If you want your name to appear in voter list, first of all you have to apply for Voter Identity card online in Uttarakhand.

The Commission prepares the Electoral Roll for Parliament as well as Legislative Assembly elections. The Electoral Roll of every constituency contains the names of all the persons who have right to vote in that constituency. The electoral roll is also revised from time to time generally before every general election, by-election and mid-term election in the constituency Every constituency has a large number of polling booths. Each polling booth on an average caters to about a thousand votes. Every such booth is under the charge of an officer who is called the Presiding Officer. He/she supervises the entire process polling in the polling booth and ensures that every voter gets an opportunity to cast vote freely. After the polling is over he/she seals all the ballot boxes and delivers them to the Returning Officer.

  • To start the procedure first you need to know which form is required for new registration, app-location can be easily accessed using external links in home page.
  • Go to the next page of election commission of India website, sign up and login to portal using your login credentials.
  • Form 6 will open in a new page after successful login.
  • After singing in, you will be able to see a fresh form with all blank spaces.
  • Next move is to upload scanned copies and submit application form.
  • The scanned documents should be proof for your date of birth, address, gender etc.
  • After cross checking your details, booth level will forward your request for approval and you will get color electoral identity card within one month.
  • You can also download the application form and keep it for future references. It is useful to lodge a complaint if your voter id dispatch is delayed.

Campaigning is the process by which a candidate tries to persuade the voters to vote for him rather than others. During this period, the candidates try to travel through their constituency to influence as many voters as possible to vote in their favor. In the recent times, the Election Commission has granted all the recognized National and Regional Parties, free access to the State-owned electronic media, the All India Radio and the Doordarshan to do their campaigning. The total free time is fixed by the Election Commission which is allotted to all the political parties. Campaigning stops 48 hours before the day of polling. A number of campaign techniques are involved in the election process.

In order to conduct polling, large numbers of polling booths are set up in each constituency. Each booth is placed under the charge of a Presiding Officer with the Polling Officers to help the process. A voter casts his/her vote secretly in an enclosure, so that no other person comes to know of the choice he/she has made. It is known as secret ballot. After the polling is over, ballot boxes are sealed in the presence of agents of the candidates. Agents ensure that no voter is denied right to vote, provided the voter turns up comes within the prescribed time limit With the introduction of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) the voting capturing, rigging, and bogus voting may not be possible. The use of EVM will in the long run result in reducing the cost of holding elections and also the incidence of tampering during counting of votes.

Uttarakhand election card application online:-

apply voter id uttarakhand

If at the time of polling, a booth is captured by some anti-social elements, the Election Commission may order holding of re-poll in either the entire constituency or particular booths. If a duly nominated candidate belonging to a recognized party dies at any time after the last date of nomination and before the commencement of polling, the Election Commission orders countermanding the elections. This is not just postponement of polling. The entire election process, beginning from nominations is initiated afresh in the concerned constituency.

With the introduction of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) the voting capturing, rigging, and bogus voting may not be possible. The use of EVM will in the long run result in reducing the cost of holding elections and also the incidence of tampering during counting of votes. If a discrepancy is found between the member of votes polled and number of total votes counted, Returning officer away report the matter forthwith to Election Commission. Election Commission on such report may either declare the poll at the particular polling station as void and give a date for fresh poll or countermand election in that constituency.

Recently Electronic Voting Machine has been introduced; it has replaced the use of ballot papers and ballot boxes. This change has yielded positive outcomes, as no bogus voting, rigging or booth capturing can happen now, and the counting can be completed in no time. Though Election Commission tries its best to conduct free and fair elections our electoral system is faced with the problems like use of money and muscle powers, and other corrupt practices. To avoid all this certain electoral reforms have been introduced from time to time.

There is no doubt that India needs drastic poll reforms but still the fact remains that Indian elections have been largely free and fair and successfully conducted. It gives the country the proud distinction of being the largest democracy in the world

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