How To Apply For Voter Identity Card In Punjab

Apply for Voter Identity card in Punjab:

apply voter id panjab

Elections are not only the times when individuals search for voter identity card , It is also useful when a person needs an ID proof to open a bank account or needs one document as identity/address proof. Responsible citizen who wants to visit pooling booths and make their ideal choice by choosing a suitable candidate should have a valid voter identity card. Documents like EPIC cards will not only ensure your entry into polling booths, but also acts valid proofs in long run. It is the duty of every citizen to get registered in voters list, apply for Punjab voter card online if you want to support your favorite leader by vote apply voter id panjab.

List of Documents required:

Assembly elections were recently held in Punjab, almost all polls are over and you need to wait for some more years to get into election mood. A responsible citizen should definitely cast his vote and also have important document like election identity card, election commission wants to pull as many voters as it can into polling booths. There are some formalities that must be completed to get your name printed in electoral list; also you need to have some documents if you want to get your online election identification card approved apply voter id punjab.

Documents required for Identity proof:

  • For Identity proof, you need to submit any document that serves as proof of applicant’s identity.
  • Pan card, generally income tax department issues it.
  • Ration card, Issued by food securities department of your stare.
  • Valid driving license.
  • Latest Passport with photo of the candidate.
  • Employee identity card given by state, central or private sector organizations.
  • 10TH class certificate with photograph.
  • Birth certificate taken from local authorities in your city.
  • Aadhar card. All these documents should be on applicants’ names.

  • Proofs to be submitted for address proof:

    • The documents to be submitted as resident proof should contain name and address of the applicant, all identity proofs should have photograph of the applicant which is not required in case of address proof.
    • Aadhar card, driving license, passport, voter identity card, ration card, vehicle registration certificate and central government health scheme card can be submitted as address proof.
    • Students can furnish certificate of address with photo from recognized educational institutions.
    • Even you can attach electricity, water and telephone bills; they should not be more than three months old.

    Along with both these proofs, the applicants need to upload a recent passport sized photograph.

    Steps to apply for Punjab Election identification card online:

    Most of the people believe that online election identity card registration process is more convenient that other method, reduced risk of frauds is the key benefit in e registration process. Collection and managing data becomes easy for the Punjab -state election commission. The online portal also helps to keep voters information safe and upto date, some voluntary organizations are also even promoting online registration campaigns where more number of voters can be enrolled in short time.

    • With the advancement of technology in our daily lives, voter identity card registration in Punjab has also become online.
    • Open any browser; it may be Firefox, Mozilla or any other search engine.
    • Type Punjab CEO web address and hit enter , the link that you need to enter is
    • Enter User ID, password, Captcha code and login to e services portal. If you are a new user, hit on registration link.
    • Enter required details, generate an account on your name and proceed further.
    • After this, go to home page. Hit on add your name to electoral roll. Click on Form 6 button, type each and every blank space in the app. Check on save and continue tab and proceed to next section.
    • In the online form 6, you have to select “my name has been not yet included” if you are a new user.
    • Kindly upload photo graph of the applicant, it should be less than 50kb. You should also upload an address; it should be only in PDF format.
    • After confirming that you have enter all particulars correctly ,save the application number as it will act as crucial source for any enquiries in future.
    • Applicant can directly print the submitted form or visit the home page or logout from the browser if all your work is done.

    • Many states across the country are adopting online elector’s identity card registration process to reduce costs and increase the speed of issuing these cards.
    • Punjab chief election commission officer extensively protects private information of the voter, Captcha and other programs protect the voter’s information from automated hacking.
    • None of the protection programs cannot be employed for paper registration process, your application may get missed somewhere. Therefore it is better to stick with online application.

    Apply for Duplicate EPIC card in Punjab:

    You can’t vote if you have lost Punjab EPIC card i.e. electronic photo identification card, here are the steps to be followed to apply for a duplicate EPIC card. Some people might lose voter cards while travelling where as some people cards may be damaged. There is one solution for all these issues i.e. to make a request for duplicate Election ID card apply voter id punjab.

    Online Form 6 which is vital for new voter registration can be submitted during revision period, you need to visit CEO website or the application can be filed at the designated locations where the draft Electoral Roll is displayed, mostly the location is near polling stations as well as the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency.  In order to exercise option for favorite party in Rajasthan assembly o0r parliament elections, the individual has to possess a voter identification card. It is an important piece of document for both elector and the commission; EPIC card helps to make voting transparent and avoids scams or illegal voting. Due to certain errors in old laminated cards , Government  has implemented some extra security features in new one by eliminating all the odds  apply voter id panjab.

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