How To Apply Voter ID Card Online In Arunachal Pradesh

Voter ID card apply online in Arunachal Pradesh:

apply voter id arunachal pradesh

Individuals can apply for a voter ID card online in AP by following the below process:
  • Visit the website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Arunachal pradesh and click on the ‘Online Services for Voters’ tab on the homepage.
  • Select the ‘Online Registration of New Voter’ tab from the options provided onscreen.
  • Form 6 will be displayed on screen. Fill in the details as requested after reading through the instructions on filling in the form.
  • If you wish to continue filling the form at a later date, click ‘Save’, otherwise fill in all details and click ‘Submit’.

  • A verification code will appear, which has to filled in, after which an acknowledgement will appear on screen.
  • Take note of the reference number that is mentioned in the acknowledgement as it can be used to track your application status.
  • Once the form is processed, a Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit your home to verify the details submitted, at which time you will have to produce the necessary documentation.
  • After the verification is completed, the voter ID card will be sent to the address mentioned in the form by post.

Offline Application Process for Voter ID in Arunachal Pradesh

Individuals who do not have access to online services can also apply for a voter ID card in Arunachal Pradesh through the offline method, details of which are given below:

  • Visit an electoral office and collect a copy of Form 6, which is the form for inclusion of a new voter in the electoral roll.
  • Fill in the details as requested and submit the form along with the necessary documents and fee to the electoral office.
  • Once the form has been submitted, a receipt with a reference number will be handed over, which can be used to track the application status.
  • After the form has been processed, a Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit your home to verify details mentioned in the form.
  • Once successful verification, you will receive the voter ID card via post.

apply voter id arunachal pradesh

Documents to be Submitted When Applying for Voter ID Card

The following documents are to be submitted when applying for a voter ID card in Arunachal Pradesh:

  • Recent passport sized photographs.
  • Proof of identity (copy of passport/PAN/Aadhaar Card/driving licence/bank passbook etc.)
  • Proof of residence (copy of ration card/passport/Aadhaar Card/driving licence etc.)

How to track status in Arunachal Pradesh

Tracking Voter ID Status Online

The facility to track your voter ID application is not available on the Arunachal Pradesh CEO website( You can search for your name in the electoral rolls to ensure that your name has been included.

  • Visit the Search page( on the website.
  • You can search District wise or Assembly Constituency wise.
  • Enter either your name or EPIC number.
  • Click on “Search” to get your results.

Tracking Voter ID status via SMS

This facility is currently unavailable in Arunachal Pradesh but may be rolled out in the near future.

Calling on the Dedicated ECI Helpline Number

You can call the ECI Helpline number 1950 toll free. The helpline is available on all working days between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Voting, or exercising your franchise, is one of the most important rights provided to every Indian citizen. Casting one’s vote gives every citizen a say in choosing their representative, who would go on to legislate on behalf on his/her representatives.

A free and fair electoral process is the backbone of a democracy, and voting is the means towards that end.

With India being the largest democracy in the world, conducting elections for various forms of government is under the purview of the Election Commission of India.

To ensure that every Indian citizen who is eligible to vote is granted the right to do so, the Election Commission of India has made provision for the issuing of voter identity cards to individuals.

Each State Election Commission is tasked with issuing voter ID cards to eligible individuals who apply for the same, and ensuring that the process is a smooth and hassle-free one.

Arunachal Pradesh Elections Updates:

The Election Commission has introduced colour voter ID cards to eligible individuals as an upgrade on the previous voter ID cards, which were black and white. These voter ID cards, also known as EPIC (Electoral Photo Identity Card), serve as identification during elections and permit the holder to exercise his franchise under the system of ‘one person, one vote’. The new voter ID cards are also printed on plastic and resemble PAN cards in their stylization.

The colour voter ID card, like its monochrome predecessor, contains the holder’s name, address, date of birth, constituency as well as the signature of the issuing authority.

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