How To Apply For Voter Id Himachal Pradesh.

Apply For Voter ID Card In Himachal Pradesh:

voter id himachal pradesh

As India is a democratic country, elections will be held regularly when any existing government dissolves. People i.e. Voters are given all the rights to choose the government that can rule them according to their needs, they also have right to remove them from power if the elected party is not working properly or if it is going against people welfare. Conducting elections is a big process and involves lot of effort; the entire task is carried out by Chief election commission of India. But one thing needed to cast a vote in Himachal Pradesh assembly or parliamentary elections in Voter Identity card. Want to give a valuable vote to your favorite politician? Then get apply election card online via Himachal Pradesh CEC website. voter id himachal pradesh

Don’t neglect applying for election identity card by thinking that elections will generally come for once in 5 years, the document is must required for voting in other elections at mandal, district levels. Also during by elections that usually come due to sudden death or resignation of the candidate. Other than elections, it serves as valid address proof and plays a crucial role in obtaining new passport or for booking flight tickets. voter id himachal pradesh

Instructions to register for EPIC card in Himachal Pradesh:

Every Citizen who has completed 18 years of age should register for EPIC card, without it is highly impossible to cast vote in elections.  The document is also very useful for government as it will help to identify frauds, helps to stop multiple voting during polls. Finding out frauds is time consuming, also leads to wastage of manpower and money. So, a single photo identity electoral card can curb it. It acts as identification for those who are not having fixed permanent address. voter id himachal pradesh, you can also cast vote in other state but only after enrolling your name.

For inclusion of name for resident citizens:

Step 1:- Go to the seventh tab in Himachal Pradesh chief election officer website.

Step 2:- Now your duty is to click on Form 6 which deals with addition of local elector’s name.

Step 3:- You will get an application form which is common for first time applicant and shifting of vote from one constituency to other.

Step 4:- Select state and the assembly or parliamentary constituency. Later you have to select the option stating that you are registering for first time.

Step 5:- Enter your personal details one after the other in the language that you are comfortable.

Step 6:- Present address and permanent address can be same, make sure that you give the address which is in the limits of assembly / parliamentary constituency that you have chosen in first step.

Step 7:- In optical particulars section, applicants has to mention whether they are suffering with any disability.  Type your disability in the box which is present beside others option if your problem is not there among the choices given there.

Step 8:- Email ID is optional, but it is better to giver mobile number as it might be useful to access some online services in future.

Step 9:- Upload supporting documents i.e. scanned copy of passport sized image; you have to declare about your citizenship and place of birth.  Give a confirmation that earlier you have not applied for inclusion of name in electoral list.

Step 9:- Furnish the place name from where you are applying for Election identity card in Himachal Pradesh, date on the way when online Voter ID form is filled.

Step 10:- Clearly cross check your details as you won’t be able to change them after clicking on “SUBMIT” option.

Now you don’t need to wait longer for months to get new Voter Identity card,   Election commission has come forward with new innovative scheme for speedy enrollment of voters in the state of Himachal Pradesh. EC has made arrangements to issue EPIC cards as quickly as possible to applicants as elections are approaching in the state, you can register yourself through above  given process without depending on others voter id himachal pradesh.

voter id himachal pradesh

Important points:-
  • Applicant attaining 18 years on the first day of January can fill and submit form 6.
  • Citizens changing place of their residence for job or business from already existing constituency.
  • You can fill the voter ID Himachal Pradesh online application form during the entire year.
  • The application will be open on all days and intense publicity is done by election commission before polls. List of eligible voters is updated before every poll, whether it is local contests or by polls related to assembly constituency.
  • As the online application form asks 12 digit unique Aadhar number, one applicant can fill only single form.
  • As per article 326, a non India citizen cannot apply for vote.

Online voter registration for inclusion of names of voters from others state:

Have you shifted to other state from your birth place? Have you been transferred to other constituency on job? Or you changed your residence from the place where your Voter card exists? Then get your name shifted to new state or constituency through form 6a.

  • The process is similar to new voter ID online registration, but the applicant has to declare some additional details when compared to latter process.
  • Visa number , type if Visa , date of issuing it , date of expiry and name of issuing authority must be furnished if the applicant is Indian citizen but working in overseas location.
  • Give brief description on why you shifter from native place or reason for being away from residence.
  • There are three options to select
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Others
  • Enter the date from which you have been absent from your local place. Furnish current residential address and fill rest of the sections.
  • The average time of getting a voter card depends upon the method of registration that is chosen by applicant , normally it takes one month but now it will be delivered with 15-20days.

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