Apply for Voter Identity Card In Maharashtra:

Apply for Voter Identity card in Maharashtra:-

apply election card maharashtra

Voting is the right of every citizen in democratic countries, In India general elections are held once in five years. The rule is applicable for all elections where people directly vote to their favorite leader. Different types of elections are carried out regularly in India, like panchayat elections will be conducted for electing local bodies in villages where sarpanch acts as head of elected committee. Vidhana sabha polls are for selecting state government where as Lok sabha elections are for choosing prime minister. Apply for new Maharashtra voter ID card online with just a click of buttons.

Every state has separate website for voter enrollment and other online services but websites of some states will redirect you to national voter’s service portal where you can find form 6 that is to be filled for fresh election identity card registration. Previously voter card used to be printed in black and white color with lamination, but now color EPIC cards are being issued for both new applicants and already existing candidates upon their personal request. Along with the personal details, election identity card contains unique number, hologram and stamped signature of election commissioner of India. The new color election identity document looks similar to driving license; it can easily fit into pockets or your wallet.

Indian citizens can apply for passport with voter card; it can be show as identity proof for hotel bookings. It is accepted for new cellular connections. Election commission has decided to maximize the number of registration among youngsters, espsecialy who have just crossed 18 years. We have given step by step procedure to apply for voter identity card in Maharashtra; earlier most of the people used to stick with traditional pen and paper process but now people are shifting/showing interest for online registration.

Some citizens don’t show interest towards EPIC registration because of lack of interest on politics. Some people will be away from voting if they don’t find the suitable candidates among the list of contestants and few others think that their single vote might not show any effect in polls. Indian election commission has introduced online voter ID card registration through a user friendly web page, the commission is working hard to launch android app to target youth and Smartphone users. Maharashtra government has put an end to traditional and time consuming offline process by launching e registration method.

Registration process is very hassle free as described below:

  • You don’t have to collect any forms, write on them, attack proofs and submit them at CEC regional office.
  • A special program has been launched by Maharashtra election commissioner to enroll maximum number of youth voters.
  • No matter where you are, the registration process through user friendly voter enrollment page completes in fraction of minutes.
  • Visit , It is the official page that lets you to apply for election card which is mandatory to cast vote in Maharashtra vidhana sabha, panchayat, parliamentary elections.
  • Soon after opening the link that is given in previous step, your next task is to click on 5th tab i.e. “online voter registration”.
  • You will get registration page with 5 options, hit on “Form 6” and it is which contains several boxes to be filled to submit online voter ID application form.
  • You can fill half portion of the form and save it, so fill all the details and submit your request on the go.
  • You will be allotted with registration ID soon after successfully submitting form 6. It can be used to monitor your application status.

apply election card maharashtra

Offline Election Identity card registration in Maharashtra:

As a responsible citizen of India, each and every Individual has right to vote and one should never ignore it under any circumstances. It is the duty of every citizen to put in an application for EPIC card either in offline or online mode. The method of registration depends on personal interest of applicant, e registration is easy to go but you can also go for pen and paper process if you have patience. Know offline election identity card registration steps in Maharashtra so that you can apply one for yourself or can educate other if they have any doubts about this process.

  • Step into election commissioner office in your location and ask for Form 6.
  • Carefully fill the form, please cross check all details after completely filling it.
  • You can also hand over your form to volunteers at voter registration campaigns or help centers.
  • Maharashtra CEC frequently conducts awareness programs across different regions in the state.
  • Once submitted , your details along with proofs will be verified by field officer
  • You will receive voter card through post or approach the place where you have submitted the form top collect election identity car in person.

Mandatory requirements for online/offline election ID application:

  • Two recent passport sixe photographs if you are applying in offline mode. Scan and save it in JPEG format you are applying via portal.
  • Any one proof of age .(you may submit or upload any one government approved proofs like birth certificate , Aadhar card , PAN card ,passport etc)
  • Residence proof. You application gets rejected if any difference is found among the details entered in Maharashtra voter ID application form and attested proofs.
  • People working in abroad countries need to attest valid passport for getting voter registration number in India.

The traditional electronic registration card has is now completely transformed into a new plastic card which exactly looks like ATM card which is more durable and less prone to damages. It is resistant to tiny water drops and comes with a color photograph. The first color EPIC cards were issued for free of cost in Assam and Nagaland. E postal ballot is useful for registered voters those who are residing in other states sand countries; they need to mark the vote and send it to returning officer. The commission is planning to implement few more innovative features to increase voting and curb illegal activities.

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